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Fwip-fwip-fwip...the early impression of a Nikon F3HP with motor drive was quite memorable early on. That sound planted a seed which was soon cultivated with photo classes and assignments in college. There have been many challenges seen through the viewfinders these past 25 years. The locations covered in clouds, rain or stray reflections; these events make certain subjects elusive year after year. Will this be the day or not, this is the game...

Based in Southern California, most images are taken from my costal travels to Central California and the nearby wine regions. There have been a few visits to areas like: Napa, Sonoma, Oregon or Japan for variety. The images in these galleries represent some of the areas visited and were shot using the following cameras: Canon G15, 5D or Noblex 150 E2 panoramic film camera.

Post shot color corrections and sizing are done on a Windows based system which is calibrated to a local pro-lab. The prints are processed on a variety of machines: Noritsu 3212, ZBE Chromira SE Lab or Canon iPF9000S inkjet printers.

Michael Fong

1998-2014 Michael Fong

Sekino-o Waterfall, Miyazaki, Japan

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