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Michael Fong

Updated 02.15.2019

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I began taking photos within the custom knife industry in 1998. Those images were published in knife periodicals and as private commissioned works. The transition to food photography I found to be an enjoyabe challenge too. The vibrant colors and textures of the ingredients used offer many attractive combinations.


My belief is in an accurate portrayal of the subject for viewers. These were my foundations as a marketing major yet also through disappointing dining experiences where the food was not like the pictures. The creative application of lighting is used to relay the appeal yet maintain a natural look that your clientele can directly relate to.



jim martin knife
  • At your location of business
  • Available for travel
  • Print and display options available
  • Acrylic ice cube props for beverage photos

A quality photo effectively relays your products to viewers. My goal is to provide the visual excitment to promote business through your web page, social media, menus and print campaigns.




Cerritos, CA. 90703

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Acrylic Ice Cubes

Handcrafted acrylic ice cubes by Michael Fong. U.S.A made acrylic, hand ground and polished.

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